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Learning photography has never been easier with access to online classes and tutorials. Aspiring photographers can learn the craft on their computers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

We’ve rounded up some of the best online beginner photography courses available on Udemy and KelbyOne.

These online photography classes for beginners will teach you everything you need to know about camera settings, composition, lighting and more.

This list wouldn’t be complete without some landscape, nature and travel photography course suggestions as well.

A list of online beginner photography courses that teach you everything you need to know about camera settings, composition, lighting and more. #photography #photographycourse #photographyclass #beginnerphotography #photojeepers

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Where Should I Buy Camera Equipment?

We get asked this question often. There are two places where we buy our cameras, lenses and other accessories: Amazon and B&H Photo.

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Amazon is where we buy most of our camera accessories like filters, memory cards, etc. The free two-day shipping is always a plus. We have bought cameras, lenses and tripods from Amazon with no problem as well. They are good about returns, but won't be able to answer gear-specific questions.

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Online Beginner Photography Courses

1 – Photography Masterclass: A Complete Guide to Photography 

Udemy Best Seller Course  → Get the Details: Photography Masterclass: A Complete Guide to Photography

What you’ll learn:

• You will know how to take amazing photos that impress your family and friends

• You will know how the camera truly works, so you can take better photos using manual settings

• You will know how to photograph in different scenarios like family portraits, landscapes, aerial, product, wildlife, and much more

• You will know how to compose images beautifully with basic photography rules

• You will know how to light your subjects with flash and natural lighting

• You will know how to edit your photos like a professional

• You will know how to make money with photography

• You will know how to take better photos with your smart phones

2 – Digital Photography for Beginners

Udemy Top-Rated Course → Get the Details: Digital Photography for Beginners

What you’ll learn:

• Understand how camera works

• Understand of different types of cameras

• Comprehend the role of various camera equipment in photography

• Choose the right equipment for the type of photography you want to do

• Understand how to better compose images

• Choose the right camera settings while shooting

• Able to shoot in various camera modes including manual mode

Take Wow Photos with 5 Easy Steps


What you’ll learn:

• Instructions on how to hold your camera correctly, which will help you to get sharp photographs.

• Sound advice on how to choose the right camera lens for each situation.

• The necessary confidence to change the most important camera settings correctly at the right time, which in turn will allow you to get perfect photos every time.

• The ability to compose photos that are well balanced and very pleasing to the eye.

• The skill to spot creative photographic opportunities that will make your photos stand out from the rest.

• The ability to take stunning photographs that tell stories of your vacations, adventures and functions, capturing memories in the process.

4 – Beginner Photography

Udemy 5 Star Rating → Get the Details: Beginner Photography

What you’ll learn:

• Beginner Photography Skills

• Taking more creative photos

• What is the difference between camera types

• Understand your DSLR Camera

• Getting comfortable with Manual Mode

• Composition basics

• Getting comfortable with photography language

• Story Telling with photography

5 – Photography for Absolute Beginners

Udemy 5 Start Rating → Get the Details: Photography for Absolute Beginners

What you’ll learn:

• All about how the shutter, aperture and ISO features work together to make a good exposure

• How to choose the different metering modes to get the best results

• How to choose the right lens for specific tasks

• The difference between DSLRs, mirrorless, compact, bridge and profesional digital cameras

• How to get the best from the pop-up flash

• Advice on shooting a wide range photographic techniques and styles


6 – 10 Essential Tips Every Landscape Photographer Should Know

KelbyOne Top Rated Course → Get the Details: 10 Essential Tips Every Landscape Photographer Should Know

What you’ll learn:

• The right gear

• Camera settings

• Tripod tips

• Shotting a panorama

• Using filters

• Composition

• Using HDR

7 – Artistic Landscape Panoramas

KelbyOne Top Rated Course → Get the Details: Artistic Landscape Panoramas

What you’ll learn:

• Gear check

• Vertical panorama technique

• Focus stacking technique

• Stitching in Photoshop

• HDR processing

8 – Developing an Eye for Landscape Composition

Udemy Best Seller Course → Get the Details: Developing an Eye for Landscape Composition

What you’ll learn

• Break down the landscape into manageable broad planes.

• Understand what differentiates landscape from other subject matter.

• Identify the focal point in a landscape scene.

• Determine the lines in a landscape and how they lead the eye.

• Recognize composition design tools used by painting Masters.

• Learn the common Dos and Don’ts of landscape composition design.

• Be able to see or design a landscape composition that has the best chance of success.

• Conduct a successful photoshoot to gather reference material.

• Reconstruct a troubled composition to increase success.

• Understand how to create and the benefits of creating a value sketch.

• Use a Notan design to double-check composition designs.

9 – Landscape Photography: Creating Visual Eloquence

KelbyOne Top Rated Course → Get the Details: Landscape Photography: Creating Visual Eloquence

What you’ll learn:

• Consistently take landscape photographs that will look amazing.

• Understand the use and power of parallel thinking.

• Be eloquent through your photography.



Online beginner photography courses: camera settings, composition, lighting, landscape photography and more. #photography #photographycourse #photographyclass #beginnerphotography #photojeepers