Fall Photos Event

Do you love taking Fall photos?

Members of our Facebook group and Facebook page have submitted their favorite Fall Photo.

We thought it would be fun to see the terrific photos and provide a way for you vote on your favorite.

fall photos event

How The Fall Photos Event Works

Each week you can vote on your favorite fall photo. Simply pick one using the poll below.

Be sure to share this to your social media so others can see and vote also.

Week 1 – October 8 to 13 – vote for your favorite photo in each group. (COMPLETED)

Week 2 – October 15 to 20 – this round of voting will be narrowed to the top 8 fall photos from each group. (COMPLETED)

Week 3 – October 22 to 27 – this round of voting will be narrowed to the top 4 fall photos from each group.

Week 4 – October 29 to November 4 – everyone will vote on the final 2 fall photos from each group.

Week 5 – November 5 to 10 – this is the final round of voting to determine the first, second and third place photos!

To see when you can vote each week, be sure to follow our Facebook page or join our Facebook group for notifications.

The Fall Photos Event isn’t a contest

Sometimes we just need to see and appreciate the beauty all around.

We wanted to share the amazing talent our Facebook page and group members who use their cell phones or camera.

There are no prizes, just some bragging rights.

Time to vote for your Favorite Fall Photo!

Ok, it’s time to vote.

You must choose your favorite from the fall photos below.

Each picture has a corresponding letter. You can come back and vote daily until we close out this round.

So pick your favorite from each group, which we know is hard, and vote using the poll below.

Thank you to all who submitted a photo. We appreciate you!

Be sure to share this Fall Photos Event so others can see, and vote on, these beautiful photos!


Fall photo event winners

1st Place – Jan Irons
2nd Place – Frank Preston
3rd Place – Rian B Anderson

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