30+ February Vacation Ideas in the US By Region

We’ve put together a list of February vacation ideas in the US by region with some help by our travel friends. Use this guide that features US travel ideas based on the part of the country you want to visit in February.

You’ll find amazing places to visit and fun things to do in February all around United States. Plus you’ll find tips and resources to find the perfect getaway destination in February.

30+ US Vacation Ideas in February

We’ve teamed up with other travelers to compile this list of winter vacation ideas in the US: travel guides, road trip itineraries, things to do, what to pack, and where to stay on your USA vacation in February!

Whether you’re planning a solo trip, a family getaway or a romantic escape, there’s something for everyone in these top destinations in the month of February!

In addition to the list of 30+ February Vacation Ideas we share here, be sure to download this printable: “Free Things To Do In All 50 States”! It includes a list of 3 places to visit or activities to do in each state! Simply click the graphic below to get your free copy!

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February Vacation Ideas in the US by Region

If you're wondering where to go in February, here's a list of ideas in the US by region! These USA winter destinations include getaways to escape the cold and enjoy the sun, as well as locations to participate in winter activities in the snow!

Where to Travel in February: USA West States

If you're looking to shake off those winter chills, February is the perfect time to explore the West States of the USA. With a stunning mix of sun-drenched landscapes and snow-packed mountain peaks, there's a world of adventure waiting for you.

Places to Visit in February: USA Mountain States

Let's delve into the heart of the USA's Mountain States. We're talking about hitting the slopes in Colorado, exploring the geological wonders of Utah, or even basking in the natural beauty of Montana.

Where to Travel in February: USA Midwest States

The Midwest States region might be known for its industrious cities and cornfields, but trust us, it's got more to offer than you might think. Are you ready to uncover the hidden gems of the USA's heartland? Let's go!

Places to Visit in February: USA Southern States

Welcome to the Southern States, the region that's beaming with sunshine, even in February. Known for their rich history, vibrant culture, mouth-watering cuisine, and laid-back charm, the Southern States are a real treat for travelers. From the picturesque beaches of Florida to the music-filled streets of Nashville, there's a unique experience waiting at every corner.

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