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We are Dave and Jamie from Photo Jeepers.

We’ve had the great privilege of traveling to and photographing amazing locations.

Our favorite thing is to teach and encourage others who have a passion for taking pictures.

The photography tips, tutorials and challenges we share in each email will cover one basic photographic concept.

To improve and continue along Your Photography Journey, we recommend you take the time to practice each concept… that means going out a taking photos!


For us….travel and photography go hand-in-hand.

We record our trips in photographic and written form so you can benefit from our experience.

The information gained, lessons learned and tips we share in the emails will help you plan the perfect vacation.


Travel and photography should be FUN! We want your travels to be as stress-free as possible AND we want photography to be as simple as possible.

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Use our travel and photography tips to plan an amazing vacation at a variety of locations in the United States.

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What is a Photo Jeeper?

Our story is about two people who have a passion for nature photography and exploring new places, and how we became Photo Jeepers!

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