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Photography Resources For Blogging

Taking pictures, editing photos, creating videos and graphics:

blogging resources elevate your site from a hobby to a business.

Camera Gear For Blogging

6 Best Lightweight Tripods for Travel: Buyer’s Guide 2019

Do you ever wonder why your photos turn out blurry when you have a really good camera? Do you struggle to get your milky way images sharp or your waterfalls to look silky? If you want high-quality images, you need a tripod! Period. When you have a sturdy tripod, your...

10 Best Compact Travel Cameras: 2018 Buyer’s Guide

We often get asked this age-old question, "What is the best travel camera?" To answer this question, we decided that the criteria for a 'travel camera' for this article means: the camera must produce quality photos without sacrificing convenience. Most decent cameras...

Camera Accessories Every Photographer Must Have

A camera is the basic piece of equipment necessary to capture photographs. Everyone has their own preferences of brand, type, size, etc. There are many camera accessories available to help transport and protect the gear, as well as improve photo quality. It's...

10 Clever Ideas to Create a Travel Memory Book

One of the biggest mistakes travelers make is assuming you won’t forget the experiences or emotions of the places you visit. It’s important to document your travels so those memories stay with you after you've returned home. Take time to create a travel journal or...

Lightroom: 5 Photo Editing Tips to Improve Your Travel Photographs

This is not your typical How To Use Lightroom article. Instead I would like to share my story about why I use Lightroom to edit my photos. My goal is to share these 5 photo editing tips, or my reasons for using Adobe Lightroom, to help you decide if this is the right...

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Photography Resources for Blogging

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