Spring Photo Challenge Printable

Do you ever feel stuck, wondering what to photograph? We’ve got the answer for you: photography challenges!

Our spring photo challenge printable has a list of subjects to help inspire you to take photos. Adults and kids will have fun searching for and photographing each subject on the challenge list.

Spring is the perfect time to get outside and capture the beauty of nature with a camera. And what better way to do that than with a photography challenge printable?

A photography challenge printable can provide you with an easy set of tasks or prompts that help you focus on different aspects of nature while taking photos, such as colors, textures, or shapes.

Not only will this give your photography skills a boost, but it also adds some extra fun and creativity into your outdoor photo shoots.

This list is available instantly so you can download and print at your convenience! You’ll find the free download at the end of the article.

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Spring Photography Challenge Printable

With just a few simple steps, you can easily use our spring photography challenge printable to jumpstart your creative juices!

You’ll receive the FREE instant downloadable file:

• 8.5″ x 11″ PDF

Having a digital file means you can access and download it at any time then print at your convenience. The document is suitable for printing on your preferred paper or cardstock.

*This item is for personal enjoyment and not for resale.

Fun Ways to Use the Spring Photo Challenge Printable

You don’t have to complete the entire printable in one day; instead, break it up into smaller tasks and spread them out over a few days or weeks.

This will give you plenty of time to explore your location, take pictures, and experiment with different angles and compositions.

It’s great when there are many ways to use a printable activity. Here are a few fun ideas:

1. Laminate and Use an Erasable Marker

Use self-adhesive laminating sheets to cover the challenge card so it can be used over and over again.

We also recommend a clipboard with storage to hold the erasable marker and eraser. Or you could attach a string to the clipboard and marker.

2. Visit Different Locations

The spring photo challenge list remains the same, but it becomes a whole new experience to find the subjects at different locations!

Be open to trying new things, explore unexpected angles and locations, and don’t forget to enjoy your time outdoors.

3. Use as an I Spy Game

One fun way to use the printable is by turning it into an I Spy game for yourself or for a group of friends. By setting up different tasks on the printable, you can challenge yourself or others to search out and capture specific images in nature.

This will not only help improve your photography skills but also add some extra fun and creativity into your outdoor adventures!

Using it this way also makes it a great travel game activity!

So click the graphic below to get the free Spring Photo Challenge printable. We’ll also send you the other 3 challenges as well: summer, fall and winter!

spring photo challenge

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