Travel Planning

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Travel Planning

Road trips, international travel, outdoor adventure and staycations:

planning for any type of travel means you can relax and have fun

knowing you haven’t forgotten anything.

Travel Planning Tips & Resources

10 Reasons Why You Need Travel Insurance

Do you need travel insurance? Ask anyone who has had to use it and they emphatically say 'yes'! The decision to buy travel insurance is based on 2 factors: financial risk and medical concerns. Are you concerned about losing money due to canceled trips, interrupted...

Family Road Trip Items You Need to Pack

A family road trip is easy, right? Simply load up the car, fill the tank, and drive to your destination to see relatives, explore exciting new places, or revisit old favorites. Well, it's not quite that simple A successful road trip with kids takes planning and...

Disney Packing List: What to Take Into the Park

Planning a Disney vacation with kids can be overwhelming. There is so much to see, do, eat...and pack! I've been to Disneyland hundreds of times. I've visited in every sort of weather, from torrential downpours to 100 degree heat. Sometimes we are at Disneyland for...

Breastfeeding Tips For Traveling With a Baby

Traveling with children is tricky enough, but flying with a baby who is still nursing means one more thing to worry about. But it doesn’t have to be difficult if you follow some basic breastfeeding tips while traveling with your child! Don’t be afraid of flying,...

6 Tips For Staying Healthy While Traveling

Vacation time is here! The flights and hotels are booked, the itinerary is planned and my bags are packed. Then the dreaded sore throat and cough begins. Nooo….! Does this sound familiar? If so, be sure to follow these tips for staying healthy while traveling - and...

Why the US National Parks Pass is a Good Deal

There are 59 areas around the United States that are protected and called National Parks. They feature landscapes from deserts and glaciers to caves and coral reefs. National Parks are one of the biggest attractions in the United States. The parks were founded to...

10 Practical Tips For Babies at the Beach

Beach babies are the best.  I live near the beach and love taking my baby, toddler and kids often.  Taking a baby to the beach, however, is a little more work and requires a bit of extra planning. Always pack the beach essentials - sunscreen for baby, baby sun hat and...

10 Healthy Snacks for Travel, Road Trips and Hiking

Does this ever happen to you? Without fail, about an hour into any road trip, I get hungry. I can hear the snacks and drinks from the gas stations calling my name as I drive past. The trick to fighting off these snack attacks is PLANNING! Healthy road trip snacks...

Travel Planning Checklist: 10 Essential Steps

Planning a trip can be fun and overwhelming.  Where do you begin? What steps need to be completed during the planning process? I like lists and organization which make it easier for me to enjoy the process. I'm sharing my checklist of the 10 steps I use to plan a trip...

Travel Planning Checklist

Planning a trip can be fun and overwhelming.

Where do you begin? What steps need to be completed during the planning process?

 Click to see our checklist of the 10 steps to plan a trip so the process becomes easier and less complicated for you!

Our Favorite Ways to Book Accomodation

Only spend 30 minutes of your time booking a hotel. The price variation between sites isn’t worth hours of your time trying to save a dollar or two.

If you like to use Airbnb or VRBO, be sure to see if it’s legal for the city you’re visiting.

Travel Planning Guides

Epic Travel Planning Guide for Visiting Zion National Park

As avid outdoor enthusiasts, Dave and I love exploring awe-inspiring natural wonders like Zion National Park. Located in the Southwest of Utah, near the towns of Kanab, St. George, and Cedar City, visiting Zion National is a truly amazing experience that is not to be...

Massive Travel Guide for Visiting Arches National Park

Dave and I absolutely love visiting and photographing Arches National Park every chance we get.  Arches is a few miles north of the fun outdoor adventure town of Moab, Utah. This national park is filled with amazing hiking trails that weave through a land of...

American Southwest Road Trip Guide: 8 Day Itinerary

An American Southwest Road Trip. There's nothing like it! Road tripping is by far the best way to see and experience everything that America has to offer. A road trip through the American Southwest takes you past unique deserts, mountains, canyons carved by rivers and...

12 Must-See US National Parks to Visit in the Winter

We are going to share our biggest travel secret with you. Visit US National Parks in the winter. If you want to avoid the crowds, plan a vacation to a US National Park in the winter. There are many National Parks that are hard to visit in the summer due to heat, bugs...

10 Must-See US National Parks to Visit in the Fall

We love to visit National Parks in the fall. Why? Crowds dwindle, temperatures become more moderate, fall foliage bursts with color, and wildlife is more active. Fall is an excellent time to plan a US National Park trip. Our Number One Tip for visiting national parks...

US National Park List: 25 Beautiful Parks to Visit

The US National Parks showcase nature’s awe-inspiring majesty. Jutting mountains, glaciers, geysers, rainforests, swamps, deserts, arches, canyons, volcanoes and more! Visit any of the 59 US National Parks to explore the stories of America’s people and places, and...

Travel Guides

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