10 Easy Zion National Park Hikes

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There are 6 easy Zion National Park hikes to explore that range from 0.4 miles to 3.5 miles with no more than 100 feet elevation gain.

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1. Pa’rus Trail

The Pa’rus Trail is one of the best places to watch the red rock glow at sunset.

The Archeology Trail is a short little hike to the top of a hill where you’ll see an old Ancestral Puebloan food storage shelter.

2. Archeology Trail

There’s a quick and easy two-minute trail that takes you to a small viewpoint above the trees to see the formations across the canyon.

3. Court of the Patriarchs Trails

The hike to the Lower Pools is considered easy while the trek beyond to the Upper Pools is moderate. Follow the paved trail to the Lower Emerald Pool and waterfalls.

4. Lower Emerald Pool Trail

5. Grotto Trail

It’s a terrific trail to see wildlife. We also like the trails that run along the river in this area.

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