20+ Road Trip Games For Older Kids

Use this list of road trip games for older kids to help keep them entertained and hopefully avoid the constant “Are we there yet?” question.

When it’s time to start packing for your trip, use our US National Park Packing Lists for spring, summer, fall and winter.

Travel Scavenger Hunt Card Game for Kids

Includes 54 scavenger hunt cards for 2 or more players, ages 7 and up

Includes everything you need to create ten sticker paintings on study card stock.

Paint by Sticker Kids: Zoo Animals

Create while traveling by car, plane, train with this portable writing tablet.

LCD Writing Tablet  for Kids

Fun mix of mazes, word searches, bingo games, scavenger hunts, cryptograms, would-you-rather questions, mad libs, and riddles.

Awesome Road Trip Activities for Kids

Read the card and play based on the prompt! Play until you reach your destination or until you stop for fast food.

Shotgun! - The Hilarious Family Card Game for Road Trips

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