Best Month to Visit Arches National Park 

Arches National Park is an incredible place to visit and explore.   The park is full of red-rock canyons, towering sandstone formations and stunning natural arches. 

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Generally speaking, the best months to visit Arches National Park are April and May.   The Spring months are a busy time for the park.

An Arches Timed Entry ticket will be required from April 1 through October 31. You can enter the park without a ticket before 6am and after 5pm. 

Spring in Arches will be generally pleasant during the day and cool in mornings and evenings.

March - 60 F / 30s F April    - 70 F / 40 F May     - 80 F / 50 F

Summer in Arches will be hot and dry.  Hydrate and care for your skin.

June      - 90 F / 60 F July       - 100s F / 60s F August  - 100 F / 60s F

Fall is a busy time in Arches. Nights and morning may be cold.

Sept     - 88 F / 55 F Oct       - 71 F / 40s F Nov      - 55 F / 29 F

Arches is at high elevation and cold in the Winter even with the sun out.

Dec     - 40 F / 20 F Jan     - 40 F / 20 F Feb     - 52 F / 28 F