Best Month to Visit Capitol Reef National Park

Capitol Reef National Park is situated in South-Central Utah, stretching nearly 241,904 acres of sandstone cliffs, ridges, and canyons! Enjoy activities like hiking, climbing, biking, photography and more!


When is the best month to visit Capitol Reef National Park?  It depends on what kind of activities you desire to do.

Most of the year at Capitol Reef you can enjoy activities like scenic drives, hiking, biking, river rafting, and photography. During the winter activities are more limited.

Spring is an ideal time to visit Capitol Reef National Park. The first part of March is your best bet to avoid Spring Break crowds. 

Spring Months at Capitol Reef

Capitol Reef in the summer can be hot and there are more people in the park.  Stay hydrated and take care of your skin.

Summer Months at Capitol Reef

Capitol Reef in the fall is a busy time.  Prepare for cooler temps at night and early mornings. Fall is a great time because of cooler temps and fall colors.

Fall Months at Capitol Reef

In the winter many of the Capitol Reef services have changed hours or have closed for the season.  After snow storms paved roads may be closed.

Winter Months at Capitol Reef

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