Best Month to Visit Utah

Utah is one of the most beautiful states in the US.  It is known for its stunning natural beauty, diverse landscapes, and wide range of outdoor activities.


The best month to visit Utah depends on what you're looking for in your trip. From skiing awesome slopes to hiking dry desert landscapes, Utah offers a great variety.

You'll find the state capitol, Salt Lake City, in Northern Utah.   Nothern Utah is home to mountains, lakes, forests, and reservoirs where you can enjoy summer and winter activities.

Visiting Northern Utah

Driving from Northern to Southern Utah you'll pass through many small towns with limited services.  All 5 Utah National Parks are in Southern Utah, 4-5 hours from SLC. 

Visiting Southern Utah

Northern Utah: Colder temperatures and activities such as snow skiing, snowshoeing, and snowmobiling.

Winter Months in Utah

Southern Utah:  Daytime temperatures can be pleasant with cold mornings and nights.   Activities such as hiking, biking, and scenic drives.

Northern Utah: Spring is pleasant and colorful in the north part of the state.  Snow is still present in the mountains.

Spring Months in Utah

Southern Utah:  Temperatures are pleasant in the south during Spring months.  There are many popular Spring destinations in Southern Utah.  

Northern Utah: Summers are hot in Utah.  In the north, summer is a great time for water sports and hiking in the mountains.  

Summer Months in Utah

Southern Utah: Temperatures often break 100 during the day in the south.  Summer monsoons present potential flash flooding.

There are a variety of fun places to go in Utah in the fall and lots of great things to do and see.  In early Fall the weather is amazing all over the state.  In late Fall temperatures get cooler and sometimes early snow arrives.

Fall Months in Utah

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