Best Month to Visit Zion National Park

Zion National Park is an awe-inspiring destination located in Southwestern Utah.  The park features magnificent naturally shaped red-rock canyons.


The best month to visit Zion National Park depends on the activities you want to do. Zion in Spring, Summer and Fall is vastly different than Winter.

Most of the year outdoor activities like hiking, biking and photography may be enjoyed in Zion National Park. During the winter, activities may be more limited due to weather.

In Spring, Summer and Fall the Zion National Park Shuttle is running.  The only access to Zion Canyon is via the shuttle when it's in operation.

Zion National Park Shuttle

In Spring, Zion weather is just right for enjoying the outdoors.  The park will be crowded in the Spring, early March is a great time to visit and get ahead of the rush. 

Spring Months at Zion National Park

In the Summer, Zion will be very hot and crowded.  Stay hydrated and care for your skin. Prepare for the hot, dry desert.

Summer Months at Zion National Park

In the Fall, Zion will still be crowded.  With cooler temperatures at night and the early mornings, the park can be cold at times.

Fall Months at Zion National Park

Winter is a great time to visit Zion.  The park is less crowded and daytime temperatures are generally nice for outdoor activities.

Winter Months at Zion National Park

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