Best Time of Year at Yellowstone  For Wildlife

If you’re wondering the best time to visit Yellowstone for wildlife, we list the animals you’ll see each month of the year at the park.


Yellowstone Wildlife in January

Since the park is covered with a blanket of white snow, it’s easier to see the bison, elk, foxes, coyotes, and wolves

Due to the harsh winter, elk and bison carcasses provide food for bald eagles, coyotes, foxes, ravens and wolves.

Yellowstone Wildlife in February

May is an amazing time for wildlife babies: bear cubs, elk calves, and wolf pups begin to be seen throughout the park in the vibrant green meadows.

Yellowstone Wildlife in May

Most wildlife heads up to high mountain elevations during the summer. You might need to use a spotting scope to see some of the wildlife this time of year. Mountain goats can be seen along the Beartooth Highway drive!

Yellowstone Wildlife in the Summer

The bison rut happens every August, and it’s exciting to watch. You’ll find big herds in Lamar and Hayden Valley. Mid August the pronghorn are mating. 

Yellowstone Wildlife in August

Around the second week of September, you’ll begin to hear the high pitched bugle of bull elk signaling the elk rut! The town of Mammoth is a terrific place to watch the male elk exert their dominance.

Yellowstone Wildlife in September

As snow begins to fall, male grizzlies are eating what they can before denning season, and female grizzlies are looking for possible den locations. Bison, elk, deer and other mammals build up coats of fur for the winter.

Yellowstone Wildlife in October

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