Best Time to Visit Bryce Canyon and Zion

If you’re thinking about visiting Bryce Canyon and Zion, you’re in for a real treat. Both Utah National Parks are breathtaking, and timing your visit can make your trip even more memorable.

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Bryce Canyon in the Spring

 If you can avoid spring break, then April and May are considered some of the best times to visit Bryce Canyon for moderate temperatures with fewer crowds.

Bryce Canyon in the Summer

The temperatures at Bryce Canyon in the summer aren’t as hot as the other Utah National Parks which can be a welcome relief! 

Bryce Canyon in the Fall

As the summer crowds thin out and temperatures cool down, you can enjoy stunning views at Bryce Canyon in the fall without having to deal with the heat or huge numbers of tourists.

Bryce Canyon in the Winter

 It is especially gorgeous to capture Bryce Canyon winter photos with the white snow contrasting against the red orange hoodoos.

Zion in the Spring

Springtime at Zion varies quite a bit from month to month. In early spring it's wise to pack for all types of weather, you never know when it will change. 

Zion in the Summer

Temperatures will be HOT in the summer! With brutal temps this time of year, plan your outdoor activities for the cooler mornings and evenings!

Zion in the Fall

The weather at Zion in the fall starts to cool down making it a great time to explore the park with more temperate conditions.

Zion in the Winter

Temperatures really drop at Zion in the winter so it’s the least busy season. It's a good time to visit with cooler weather and smaller crowds.

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