Best Time to Visit Capitol Reef National Park

The best time to visit Capitol Reef National Park depends on what you want to see or do. Some seasons and months are more enjoyable in the park than others.


Spring is a great time to visit Capitol Reef National Park to enjoy pleasant weather and spring colors in the park.

Capitol Reef National Park in Spring

Spring Weather in Capitol Reef 

Spring Temperatures: – March highs 58 / lows 34 – April highs 65 / lows 39 – May highs 74 / lows 48

Capitol Reef National Park in Summer

Utah's harsh and scorching summer weather means temperatures can rise to over 100 degree F.   Planning activities in the cooler mornings and evenings is a great way to enjoy the park and avoid the heat.

Summer Weather in Capitol Reef 

Summer Temperatures: – June highs 87 / lows 58 – July highs 91 / lows 65 – August highs 88 / lows 63

Capitol Reef National Park in the Fall

Capitol Reef is spectacular in the Fall.  The temperatures are cooler and the color of the leaves adds a special beauty to the landscape.

Fall Weather in Capitol Reef

Fall Temperatures: – Sept highs 80 / lows 55 – Oct highs 66 / lows 43 – Nov highs 51 / lows 31

Capitol Reef National Park in Winter

Winter is off-season in Capitol Reef so crowds are smaller. Temperatures will be cold and there may be weather.  Services and programs are limited but it's a great time for hiking and photography.

Winter Weather at Capitol Reef National Park

Winter Temperatures: – Dec highs 40 / lows 21 – Jan highs 41 / lows 20 – Feb highs 47 / lows 26

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