Best Time to Visit Moab

When planning a visit to Moab, Utah, timing is one of the first considerations.   Outdoor lovers will find lots of things to do in the Moab area like hiking, climbing, biking, river rafting, photography and more!


Moab is one of the more popular places to visit in Utah ANY time of year, but there are pros and cons to visiting at during different seasons and months of the year.

Moab in Spring

Spring is the most popular time for people to visit the Moab Area.   Spring temperatures are perfect for enjoying outdoor activities in Moab.

Moab in Summer

Summer is scorching hot in the Moab Area.  When visiting in the summer plan outdoor activities in the cooler mornings and evenings.

Moab in Fall

Fall is a great time to visit the Moab Area as the weather is cooler and ideal for outdoor activities. Starting your day early before the crowds is a great tip. 

Moab in Winter

Winter is the off season in the Moab area and is a great time to visit and avoid crowds.  Winter will mean cooler temperatures and potential adverse weather conditions.

The Moab Area provides an amazing and memorable experience year round.    It's ideal for hiking, photography, camping, and off-roading.