Best Tripod Heads for Wildlife Photography

For wildlife photography, stability is very important in capturing those breathtaking shots. A great tripod head for wildlife photography can make all the difference.

Camera Gear Checklist for Travel Photography

Choosing the best tripod head can be a challenge. This guide features 5 tripod heads we recommend you consider adding to your travel photography gear for taking pictures of wildlife.

Wimberly WH-200

The Gimbal is the best tripod head for wildlife photography.  They provide greater performance and versatility when photographing wildlife and birds.

ProMediaGear Katana

This lightweight, aluminum gimbal head is designed with the nature photographer in mind. Its fluid joints use sealed ball bearing cases to help resist corrosion or malfunction.

Benro GH5C Carbon Fiber

Use this gimbal head when photographing with lenses that are hard to manage because of their large size. The 9.7″ gimbal head can support equipment up to 66 lbs.

Benro Mini Gimbal

For wildlife photographers that hike with equipment, weight and portability are important. The Benro Mini Gimbal is made with lightweight carbon fiber construction and weighs only 2.4 pounds!

Sirui PH-30 Carbon Fiber

The Sirui PH-30 works great on a tripod, monopod or car door adapter. In the field it’s very smooth when used with medium-large and large lenses.

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