We recommend you begin by driving 18 miles to Rainbow Point at the end of the park. Then stop and take photos at every overlook as you make your way back to the visitor center.

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RAINBOW & YOVIMPA POINTS From this vista you look down on a colorful scene of hoodoos in Rainbow Canyon.

AGUA CANYON Look for ‘The Hunter” and “The Rabbit”. The Hunter has a hat of evergreens and is easily seen just in front of the viewpoint. To the right is a smaller hoodoo commonly referred to as The Rabbit (the The Hunter’s prey).

NATURAL BRIDGE It's technically an arch that was formed from a small ice window in a large prominent fin. The forces of erosion have made Natural Bridge one of the most popular Bryce Canyon views.

BRYCE POINT Photographing the sunrise at Bryce Point provides an amazing view to capture the light sweeping across the amphitheater.

AMPHITHEATER VIEWPOINTS From Sunrise to Sunset Point, Panoramic view are everywhere, but zoom in an photograph smaller sections of the hoodoos to create an image with immediate impact.

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