Bryce Canyon National Park with Kids

Kids will find a variety of fun things to do like hiking, horseback riding, camping, and more! So pack up your bags and get ready for an unforgettable adventure with kids in Bryce Canyon!


Tips for Visiting Bryce Canyon with Kids

You will need a National Park pass to enter Bryce Canyon. The annual park pass can be purchased online or at the park entrance booth.

Bryce Canyon Ranger Programs for Kids

It’s a good idea to start your visit at the Bryce Canyon visitor center. The rangers can give you tips for the best things to do with kids. 

Bryce Canyon Passport Stamps for Kids

Kids, and adults, will enjoy collecting stamps in their National Park Passport book! We recommend you get the passport book before the trip, just in case!!

Bryce Canyon Junior Ranger Program

The Junior Ranger Program at Bryce Canyon is a fun kid activity! There are activities to complete in order to earn the Junior Ranger Badge and signed certificate. 

Bryce Canyon Scenic Drive with Kids

We always recommend you start by driving to the end of the road at Rainbow Point then working your way back to the amphitheater. This way all the overlooks are on the right. 

Hiking at Bryce Canyon with Kids

There are many easy hikes at Bryce Canyon National Park that are short and easy access to see hoodoos, windows, arches, bridges, tunnels, waterfalls and more!

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