California National Parks in the Winter

We love planning winter vacations to US National Parks to avoid the crowds. 

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Channel Islands National Park in the Winter

This park is a string of 8 islands off of the Southern California coast. The two most popular and  accessible are Santa Cruz Island and Anacapa Island.

Death Valley National Park in the Winter

Wintertime is the perfect time for exploring the Death Valley’s desert, sand dunes, and badlands, with highs in the mid- to high-60s and lows in the lower 40s. 

Joshua Tree National Park in the Winter

Winter is a great time to visit Joshua Tree National Park, even if you only have time for a day trip. 

Lassen Volcanic National Park in the Winter

 Often overshadowed by more famous parks to the south, Lassen is far less crowded but no less magical, especially in the winter.

Pinnacles National Park in the  Winter

Pinnacles National Park has talus caves formed by massive boulders wedged into narrow canyons.

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