Canyonlands  National Park Photos

Here’s our list of the best Canyonlands National Park photo spots, best times of day to photograph each location, and the camera gear you’ll need to take pictures at this stunning park!


Grandview Point Overlook Photos

You’ll find this overlook at the end of the Island in the Sky scenic drive. A short, paved, 300 foot sidewalk leads to spectacular viewpoints.

Mesa Arch Photos

Due to the popularity of this Canyonlands sunrise spot, you’ll need to plan ahead and arrive WELL BEFORE sunrise in order to get a good spot. 

Green River Overlook Photos

We like this location for Canyonlands sunset photography because the viewpoint here faces southwest, making it a great location to track the sun. 

Aztec Butte Ruins Photos

The best time to photograph the Aztec Ruins are in the morning when they are in shadow or near sunset to capture the golden light reflecting on the ruins.

Cave Spring Trail and Cowboy Camp Photos

Along the trail you’ll see several alcoves in which cowboys used to sleep.  Look for handprints and simple pictographs at the back of the alcove.

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