Canyonlands National Park Camping

Located in the heart of southeastern Utah, Canyonlands is one of the most spectacular places to go camping. With its stunning views and unique rock formations, it’s no wonder people choose to camp at Canyonlands.

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Best Time to Camp in Canyonlands

Canyonlands weather is ideal in late spring and fall for camping. In summer temperatures reach 100 degrees F, with few options for shade! You can enjoy canyonlands winter camping, but be prepared for cold, rain, and snow!

Canyonlands Camping

The two most-visited regions of Canyonlands are Island in the Sky and Needles. Both are remote areas with very few guest services. Be prepared and pack everything that you think you’ll need for camping at Canyonlands.

Willow Flat Campground at Island in the Sky

Willow Flat is a campground in Island in the Sky with 12 sites. It is fully operational all-year-round, but the sites fill quickly. Willow Flat Campground is only a two minute walk from the Green River Overlook and the spectacular view you’ll see there!

Canyonlands Backpack Camping

In spring and fall, Canyonlands overnight backpacking permits are in high demand!  If you plan to backpack and camp  these campsites, you may have to reserve your permit up to four months in advance.

Camping at Canyonlands Needles

The nearest place to get food, firewood, and supplies for Needles is Monticello, Utah, about 60 minutes away. Options for camping are one developed campground and a variety of backcountry campsites.

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