Canyonlands National Park Fall Hikes

Hiking is a terrific way to explore the stunning beauty of Canyonlands. Here’s a list of the best Canyonlands National Park fall hikes that range from easy to challenging.


Canyonlands Fall Weather – September: Highs 84 | Lows 51 degrees F –October: Highs 74 | Lows 42 degrees F –November: Highs 56 | Lows 30 degrees F

Mesa Arch Fall Hike

We recommend this hike that is less than half a mile from the parking lot. The Mesa Arch trail will take you about thirty minutes and leads to the spectacular cliff-edge arch.

The Grand View Point trail is an easy in-and-out hike that follows the canyon edge of Island in the Sky mesa and takes about an hour and a half. You can hike 1.8 miles to reach the southern tip of this overlook for one of Utah’s most spectacular views.

Grand View Point Fall Hike

Plan an hour and a half to complete the hike. There is extremely limited trailhead parking here but it’s worth it for the spectacular panoramic view from the overlook.

White Rim Overlook Fall Hike

To truly appreciate this unique feature, you’ll need to see in person. It’s a crater 3 miles wide and 1000 feet deep with rocks pushed together in the center to make a dome-shaped structure.

Upheaval Dome Fall Hike

The Whale Rock hike leads you up the side of a large, rounded sandstone rock that some would say resembles a whale. This trail is a fun one to climb and the handrails make it easier to navigate.

Whale Rock Fall Hike

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