Capitol Reef National Park Scenic Drive

Capitol Reef Scenic Drive provides access to many amazing features and is one of the best ways to experience Capitol Reef National Park.   


The scenic drive in Capitol Reef is 7.9 miles long.  The paved road is suitable for passenger vehicles and is not a loop road.

There are two dirt spur roads off the scenic drive: Grand Wash and Capitol Gorge. Passenger cars and RVs up to 27 feet in length are able to drive the road. 

The Scenic Drive begins at the Fruita Historic District.  Here is found Capitol Reef services like the Visitor Center, ranger programs, picnic areas and campgrounds.

Capitol Reef Scenic Drive: Fruita

Beyond Fruita the Scenic Drive continues to Grand Wash, a spur dirt road that leads into a narrow, steep walled canyon.

Capitol Reef Scenic Drive: Grand Wash

Capitol Gorge lies at the end of the Scenic Drive. There is a large parking lot with picnic tables and pit toilets there.

Capitol Reef Scenic Drive: Capitol Gorge

Pleasant Creek Road begins near the Capitol Gorge parking lot.  There are remnant buildings and fences of a ranch before the end of the road.

Capitol Reef Scenic Drive: Pleasant Creek Road