December Vacation Ideas in Utah National Parks

Utah National Parks in December are truly unique and magical experiences. As you add places to visit in Utah to your bucket list, the national parks is a must!

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Arches in December

Winter is a great time to visit Arches National Park. Temperatures will hover between the 30s and 50s throughout the day, but the lows at night will get cold.

Canyonlands in December

Visiting Canyonlands National Park in December requires more effort on your behalf. This is because several amenities are closed throughout the park during the week.

Bryce Canyon in December

It’s important to note that Bryce Canyon in December is the coldest park of all 5 in Utah due to its elevation.

Capitol Reef in December

Capitol Reef National Park in December will bring temperatures averaging around 39 degrees Fahrenheit and lows around 19 degrees.

Zion National Park in December

Visiting Zion National Park in December, expect highs around 48 degrees with lows dipping into the 20s degrees Fahrenheit.

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