December Vacation Ideas in Yellowstone

Just imagine seeing snowy meadows, steaming geysers and frost-covered bison. If this sounds like a magical experience, then plan a trip to Yellowstone in December!


Yellowstone Roads in December

In December all roads, except from the north entrance in Gardiner to the northeast entrance in Cooke City, are closed. Check road conditions for Yellowstone before going.

Yellowstone Weather in December

The weather in December can be unpredictable and constantly changing. Check the Yellowstone National Park weather daily so you’re prepared for the conditions.

Snow Activities in December in Yellowstone

We enjoyed traveling along Yellowstone’s snow-covered roads in a bombardier snowcoach. There were no streams of cars, RVs or tour buses crowding the roads. 

Geysers and Hot Springs in Yellowstone in December

Fewer people visit Yellowstone in December. During the winter months, Yellowstone offers miles and miles of solitude in a landscape that is unmatched by any other.

Yellowstone Photography in December

Our number one photo tip is: be prepared for anything so you can capture the moment when it happens.

Wildlife at Yellowstone in December

We love to photograph the contrast of the white snow against the dark hair of the animal. Bison plow the snow with their massive heads.

Yellowstone Waterfalls in December

Experiencing and photographing the various Yellowstone waterfalls is always at the top of our must-do list.

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