Easy Hikes at Arches National Park

Arches National Park is located in southeast Utah and is know for its red-rock canyons and towering sandstone formations.


Park Avenue at Arches

The Park Avenue Trail is a little over one mile taking you from the Park Avenue Trailhead to the Courthouse Towers parking lot.

Balanced Rock Hike

You can see Balanced Rock from the parking lot, but it’s worth the time to walk along the trail around the base of it. The stone structure looks different as you walk around it.

The Windows Section Hikes

The Windows Section of Arches National Park is a cool area with a lot to see. The Windows Trail loop is under 2 miles. 

Double Arch Hike

On the other side of the Windows parking area is the Double Arch trail. Double Arch features two giant arches right next to each other! It’s easy and super short. 

Lower Delicate Arch Viewpoint Hike

You can’t get all the way to Delicate Arch from here. But it does provide a slightly less obstructed view from what you see at the Lower Viewpoint.

Sand Dune Arch and Broken Arch Hikes

The Sand Dune Arch trail is a spur off the Broken Arch trail. It’s a fun and unique hike because the arch is located in an ‘almost’ slot canyon.

Skyline Arch Hike

We recommend the short hike to get a good view of the arch! You can also drive to the Devil’s Campground amphitheater and take the paved path to see Skyline Arch from the other side.

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