Easy Hikes at Bryce Canyon National Park 

Bryce Canyon National Park, in Southern Utah, features an array of amazing rock formations, including hoodoos, spires, and windows. It's a wonderful location for hiking.

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There are important things to know about hiking at Bryce Canyon such as what to wear, what to pack, trail conditions or the best time of year for hiking. 

Hiking is one of the most popular activities in Bryce Canyon National Park.  Park Rangers are very helpful in getting the most updated information about the park and trails.

- Plan for the physical   effects of high   elevation - Hiking boots not   sneakers - Hydrate and protect   your skin - stay on maintained   trails

Bryce Canyon Hiking Tips

The Sunset to Sunrise Point Trail is the easiest hike at Bryce Canyon. The trail highlights staggering views of the Bryce Amphitheatre below.

Sunset to Sunrise Trail

The Rim Trail at Bryce Canyon is an easy hike with an elevation change of about 300 meters.  This is a great trail for a longer hiking experience without dropping into the canyon.

Bryce Canyon Rim Trail

At the end of Bryce Canyon Scenic Drive you will find the Bristlecone Loop Trail.  It is an easy and smooth trail with amazing views.

Bristlecone Loop Trail

The Mossy Cave Trail is an easy path that gives hikers a view from below, looking up at the hoodoos. The Tropic Ditch Waterfall is found on this trail.

Mossy Cave Trail