Fill the Frame Photo Ideas

Fill The Frame photography is a technique used by photographers to draw attention to subjects and create impactful images.

Camera Gear Checklist for Travel Photography

Composing an image using this basic photography technique means to get in close, to make your subject a significant portion of the final photograph.

Get Close

Compose a shot to zoom in on a chosen subject by moving your feet, using zoom/telephoto lenses, or edit cropping.

Get Even Closer

Choose a part of the subject to fill the frame with.  Move your camera as close to the subject as you can and still maintain focus.

Frame the Subject

This technique is great for framing a subject.  This can effectively direct the focus of the viewer.

Leave Some Room

When you Fill the Frame, you don’t need to fill it completely all the way to the edge. Leaving a bit of room for details will add context to the story.

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