Glamping Near Canyonlands 

Located in the heart of southeastern Utah, Canyonlands is one of the most spectacular places for glamping.

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The two most-visited regions of Canyonlands are Island in the Sky and Needles. Both are remote areas with no glamping options in these districts. There are glamping options nearby in the Moab Area.

Best Time for Glamping in Canyonlands

Canyonlands weather is ideal in late spring and fall for glamping. In summer temperatures reach 100 degrees F, with few options for shade! You can enjoy canyonlands winter glamping, but be prepared for cold, rain, and snow!

Dead Horse State Park Glamping Yurts

The closest glamping options to Island in the Sky is found at Dead Horse State Park. This State Park provides sweeping views of the stunning local landscapes.

Under Canvas Moab Glamping Tents

Under Canvas is located north of Moab near the junction leading to Island in the Sky.  In each tent you will find luxurious furnishings, cozy linens, pillows, and a private bathroom.

Sun Outdoors Canyonlands Gateway Glamping Cabins

Located on Highway 91 near the turnoff to Island in the Sky Sun Outdoors provides a number of different cabin options. Cabins are available in different size and amenity options.

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