Glamping Near Zion National Park

Glamping, a new popular trend, is a fun way to add a bit of glamour to camping.  The options for glamping near Zion National Park include: canvas tents, yurts, tipis, and covered wagons!

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The Zion Shuttle begins operations during the weekends starting mid-February. In early March, the shuttle runs daily between Zion Canyon and the town of Springdale. While the shuttle is in operation, Zion Canyon is the only scenic drive where private vehicles are not permitted. The shuttle also runs during the Christmas holiday.

20 miles from Zion National Park and the town of Springdale you’ll find Under Canvas Zion.  It sits on 196 acres of remote desert terrain near Virgin, Utah along the Kolob Terrace Road.  The desert views of the canyon walls are one of the most popular highlights of this glamping destination.

Under Canvas Zion

Open Sky Zion

Open Sky Zion offers a luxurious glamping experience.  It's located 15 miles from the Zion National Park entrance and defines the definition of glamping luxury.

Zion Wildflower Resort

This resort in Virgin offers wild canvas glamping and luxury bungalows near Zion National Park.  Luxury sites at the resort are equipped with amenities such as air conditioning, feather-top beds, and modern bathrooms. Other sites offer an unforgettable Zion glamping experience, including canvas tents and covered wagons.

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