Grand Teton National Park Fall Activities

At Grand Teton in the fall the landscape comes alive with color as the days grow shorter and the leaves turn vibrant hues of orange, red and yellow.


Early fall is still a busy time at the park. By late fall services at Grand Teton begin to close.

– Grand Teton in September: highs mid-60s | lows 30s degrees F – Grand Teton in October: highs 50 | lows mid-20s degrees F – Grand Teton in November: highs 35 | lows in the teens

Grand Teton Fall Colors

Must-see locations in the fall are along the Snake River where the cottonwood trees showcase their vibrant color during the fall. We recommend visiting Oxbow Bend, Schwabacher Landing and Jackson Lake to see these fall color scenes with the river and lake.

Grand Teton Fall Hiking 

With over 100 hiking trails, Grand Teton has something for all ages and every skill level. The Grand Teton trails offer incredible views whether you’re seeking a short, easy hike for the whole family or something more difficult to challenge yourself.

The Grand Teton Scenic Loop drive is 42-miles of stunning views. Here you can see an abundance of wildlife, exhibits, and majestic views of the Grand Teton Mountain Range.

Grand Teton Fall Photography

Here are a few of the Grand Teton photo spots you won’t want to miss: --Jenny Lake -- Oxbow Bend -- Snake River Overlook -- Mormon Row

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