Grand Teton National Park One Day Itinerary

Only have a day in Grand Teton National Park? Check out our One Day Itinerary for information on best time to visit, services available, weather, what to pack and where to stay. 


Rise early and stay out late to get the most out of Grand Teton, and catch the Sunrise and Sunset.

The summer and early fall months are the most popular times to visit because the weather is so nice!  The spring and winter months are pretty quiet at Grand Teton. It’s a terrific time to enjoy the park if you like doing winter activities!

Schwabacher Landing is a fantastic place for enjoying and photographing the sunrise in Grand Teton National Park.  Enjoy the Tetons reflected in the river and watch for wildlife.

Schwabacher Landing Sunrise

From Schwabacher, backtrack a bit to Mormon Row along the Antelope Flats Road. There are many great points of interest along the 42-mile scenic drive.

Grand Teton Scenic Drive

This is the spot Ansel Adams made famous over 70 years ago.   It looks much different now as the trees have grown much since then.

Snake River Overlook

The reflection of the Tetons in the Snake River at this location is a great draw and a beautiful experience. It is home to a variety of wildlife.

Oxbow Bend

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