Grand Teton National Park Scenic Drive

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We share everything you need to know about about driving this 42-mile scenic loop through Grand Teton National Park!

Grand Teton National Park Packing List

The complete loop drive is 42 miles so plan a full day if you want time to stop and enjoy the views and capture pictures! It can be done in half a day if you’ll do short stops and take quick photos.

Schwabacher Landing

This is our favorite sunrise photography spot in Grand Teton National Park to capture the reflection of the Tetons in the water.

This is the spot where Ansel Adams photographed the bend of the Snake River over 70 years ago, and brought attention to Grand Teton National Park.

Snake River Overlook

Drive from Moose to Teton Village. It's a terrific place to see wildlife, especially moose!

Look for Wildlife Along Moose-Wilson Road

It’s one of the best places to photograph the lake surrounded by forests with jutting mountains in the background!!

Jenny Lake Overlook

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