Healthy Make-Ahead Freezer Friendly Breakfasts

These breakfast ideas are easy to make ahead and freeze to pack for your road trip adventure!


Beginner-friendly almond milk waffles perfect for freezing. Made using simple ingredients, undetectably vegan & so so filling! These waffles are the perfect portable meal or snack for road trips!

It's so easy to make a big batch of these filling sausage muffins to enjoy on your next road trip! This healthy make ahead recipe is also freezer friendly!

Soft, moist and fluffy whole wheat flour muffins made with mashed ripe bananas, shredded carrots, and spices. The perfect, easy make-ahead breakfast for road trips!

These amazingly tasty oatmeal scones are made with flour, oats, honey and butter. Enjoy this healthy road trip make ahead freezer meal for breakfast or snacking during the day.

This healthy egg bites recipe is perfect for a grab and go road trip breakfast! The recipe is customizable and freezer-friendly so you can make them ahead of time to pack for your next trip!

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