Healthy Travel Snack  Recipes

We’ve put together this ultimate list of travel snack recipes, portable snacks, healthy travel snacks, and make-ahead meals!


These soft-baked peanut butter granola bars use peanut butter and honey to deliver a big dose of protein and energy. Kids will love this simple 5-ingredient snack!

Don’t be hesitant to try this Oven baked kale chips recipe because of the kale. It is really so good and crispy like chips. Even our kids love to snack on these.

This crunchy, buttery low carb keto crackers recipe needs just 2 ingredients! Almond flour crackers are super easy, healthy, and delicious.

You won’t feel bad about enjoying this low-calorie, fiber-filled treat.  Add in the  protein from the Greek Yogurt  and you have yourself  the PERFECT summer snack.

Finally, a snack you can feel good about giving the kiddos anytime! These healthy green homemade gummy snacks are packed with fruit and veggies and they taste amazing!

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