List of Winter Hiking Gear

It’s important to be prepared with winter hiking gear if you plan to hike trails during the winter season. Here’s a list of what we recommend for hikes in the winter.

Layering for a Winter Hike

Layers are key to any winter clothing guide, especially when hiking. As you hike, you’ll encounter a range of activity levels and body heat. 

Winter Hiking Boots

A 200g insulated boot works for most winter hiking. If you’ll be in temperatures below 10-20 degrees F, then get a 400g insulated boot.

Winter Hiking Gaiters

High gaiters cover the open space above your boots so you don’t get snow in your boots that will make your socks wet.

Winter Hats

For day hikes, we recommend you pack two winter hats: A lightweight wool or synthetic hat and a warmer, heavier weight hat.

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