Visiting Moab  in January

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There are plenty of things to do during January in Moab, Utah. Outdoor activities like hiking, biking, photography, and more are still available with proper attire and safety devices!


Weather in Moab in January

January temperatures in Moab: highs are near 40 and lows are near 30 in degrees Fahrenheit. Be sure to stay hydrated and dress for cold weather.

January is not a crowded time of year for the Moab area and is colder. You can still participate in hiking and biking activities. You can rent bikes and gear at shops in town that are still open!

Hiking & Biking in Moab in January

If you’re up for an adventure, plan to explore the off-road trails in Moab! Local tour companies offer 4×4 rentals for you to tackle the trails on your own.

Off-roading in Moab in January

When visiting Moab, you must take one evening to go outside and LOOK UP!  The night skies are brilliant and inspiring!

Moab Stargazing in January

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