Must-Read Tips for Visiting Yellowstone in the Fall

This guide has seasonal information about weather and services; and tips on what to see and do at Yellowstone in the autumn.

Elk in Yellowstone in the fall

Elk enter their breeding season during the fall, called the rut. During this time, male elk are vying for the attention of females, and they do this by bugling.

Fall Hiking in Yellowstone

During the fall, your hike can yield amazing autumn colors and opportunities to see wildlife as they get ready for the coming winter.

Wildlife at Yellowstone in the Fall

Wildlife Viewing Guidelines: Do not approach bears or wolves on foot within 100 yards (91 m) or other wildlife within 25 yards (23 m).

Bears in Yellowstone in the fall

During the fall, bears are preparing for winter hibernation. You may see them foraging for berries, nuts and other snacks to keep in their dens.

Yellowstone Waterfall Photo Spots

Keep in mind the waterfalls in the fall aren’t as full of water, but they are still impressive.