Must See Viewpoints at Bryce Canyon 

There are a variety of awe-inspiring views to be seen from the Bryce Amphitheater, or along the Bryce Canyon scenic drive. Every overlook displays a different natural perspective!

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Rainbow and Yovimpa Points

At the end of the Bryce Canyon scenic drive is the combined parking area for Rainbow and Yovimpa Points. This is the highest elevation in the park at over 9100 feet!

Agua Canyon Viewpoint 

The Hunter has a hat of evergreens and is easily seen just in front of the viewpoint. To the right is a smaller hoodoo commonly referred to as The Rabbit.

Natural Bridge Viewpoint

The Natural Bridge is technically an arch. Natural Bridge is one of the most popular Bryce Canyon photo spots along the scenic drive.

Bryce Point Viewpoint

This Bryce Canyon viewpoint is named for Ebenezer Bryce, who settled the area in 1870. It offers one of the most scenic vistas of the hoodoo-filled red rock amphitheater.

Paria View Viewpoint

We enjoyed our time at this location by ourselves after sunset. Some of our favorite Bryce Canyon photos are taken at Paria View with the moon and layered colors in the sky.

Inspiration Point Viewpoint

Inspiration Point is a good location to take photos of Bryce Canyon at sunrise and during the early morning. 

Sunset Point Viewpoint

At this Bryce Canyon viewpoint, you want to see and photograph the light on the hoodoos in the Amphitheater as the sun rises.

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