Must-Visit US National Parks in September

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We are sharing our list of must-visit US national parks in September that you are not going to want to miss!

Canyonlands NP packing lists

Here’s our Canyonlands National Park Packing List for summer and winter so you’re prepared no matter when you go!

We love exploring the Arches National Park hiking trails in September because the weather is cooler than in the summer which allows us to hike around most of the day.

Arches National Park in September

Canyonlands in September

Canyonlands National Park in the fall is a must-stop if you’re already visiting nearby Arches National Park.

Capitol Reef National Park in the fall is a must, especially in September. Fall is the prime season to pick fruit from the orchards at Capitol Reef.

Capitol Reef National Park in September

September is one of the best times to enjoy outdoor activities at Glacier: rafting, fishing, biking and hiking.

Glacier National Park in September

Grand Teton in the fall is amazing with all the color, and September is the best month!

Grand Teton in September

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