National Parks in California 

From the unique animal species found on isolated Pacific Ocean Islands to mountains reflected in a valley lake, the National Parks of California provide a diversity of sights for curious travelers.


US National Parks in California provide opportunities to visit majestic Sequoias, ocean beaches and islands, Joshua Trees, and stunning desert landscapes.

California has nine US National Parks, more than any other state.  Whether looking for hiking, camping, or stunning views, one of these great parks will fit your needs.

Encompassing five islands off the southwest coast of California, Channel Islands is a remote natural environment only accessible via boat, sea plane, or ferry. 

Channel Islands National Park

The aptly named Death Valley is a below sea level basin located in eastern California.  It is an extremely hot and dry, stunning desert environment.

Death Valley National Park

This lesser known park consists of 106,000 acres of smoking fumaroles, mud pots, and hot water streams that give a glimpse of thermal activity beneath the earth's surface.

Lassen Volcanic National Park

Redwood comprises 133,000 acres located along the coast of California.  This park consists of protected forests and beaches and is home to some of the oldest and tallest trees in the world.

Redwood  National Park

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