Nature Themed Ornaments for Christmas

For those who enjoy outdoor activities while traveling, nature themed Christmas ornaments bring the spirit of the outdoors into our holiday celebrations.

Natural Wood Slices

5ARTH Natural Wood Slice Christmas Ornaments are a versatile set of wooden pieces ideal for crafting, ornament-making, and DIY projects.

Natural Pine Cone Ornaments

Whaline Christmas Natural Pine Cones are charming, rustic pinecone ornaments perfect for crafting and home decoration.

25 Pieces Felt Acorn Ornaments

This set of 25 Felt Acorn Ornaments and 32.8 feet of rope offers a charming rustic farmhouse touch for Thanksgiving and Christmas decorations.

Wildlife Christmas Ornaments

Wildlife ornaments are captivating holiday decorations adorned with intricately crafted animals from the great outdoors.

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