October Vacation to Utah National Parks

Utah National Parks are some of the best places to visit in Utah, and October is one of the best months because of the moderate temperatures and fewer crowds!

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You’ll enjoy all the Arches National Park hiking trails during the amazing weather in the fall! September is also an awesome time of year to enjoy the night sky at Arches!

Arches National Park in October

Canyonlands in October

The temperatures at Canyonlands National Park in October are highs near 70 degrees with the lows around 40. Keep in mind the weather can be unpredictable if a storm rolls through with rain.

Bryce Canyon in October

At Bryce Canyon in October the temperatures get more chilly with the highs hovering around 57 degrees Fahrenheit, and dipping down into the high 20s at night. 

Capitol Reef in October

Be sure to explore some of the Capitol Reef hikes like Hickman Bridge and Grand Wash. The Capitol Reef scenic drive is a must-do activity. 

Zion in October

In Zion National Park in October the highs are around 79 degrees and the lows around 48 degrees F. Be prepared with a fleece jacket so you can get out early to enjoy the outdoor activities at the park to beat the crowds.

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