October Vacation to Yellowstone National Park

We really like visiting Yellowstone in October because there are fewer people, cooler temperatures for hiking and greater wildlife activity. It’s a stark contrast to the crowds of summer.


Yellowstone Weather in October

Be prepared for rain or snow at any time in October. Layers are key when exploring Yellowstone in October. Reference our winter clothing guide so you can enjoy the outdoors, even when it’s cold!

Yellowstone Roads in October

In October you may find road closures due to inclement weather and dangerous driving conditions.  Check with NPS or information numbers for up to date conditions.

Hiking in Yellowstone in October

Before exploring any Yellowstone hiking trails in October, we recommend you check with the rangers at the Visitor Center to get current trail conditions. 

Yellowstone Waterfalls in October

Experiencing and photographing Yellowstone waterfalls is always at the top of our list. We often enjoy the sounds and serenity of the waterfalls at Yellowstone in October with no other people around.

Yellowstone Geysers and Hot Springs in October

Any time of year is a good time to see the hydrothermal features in Yellowstone: geysers, hot springs, mudpots, travertine terraces and fumaroles. 

Yellowstone Wildlife in October

As snow begins to fall, male grizzlies are eating for denning season, and female grizzlies are looking for den locations. Bison, elk, deer and other mammals build up coats of fur for the winter.