One Day at Grand Teton National Park

We recommend getting up early to see and photograph the sunrise, explore the scenic drive, take a hike or two, and photograph the sunset.


Sunrise at Schwbacher Landing in Grand Teton.

 Many people stay in the area near the parking lot, but we suggest you walk a bit farther down the river to the other beaver dam that has created a section of calm water.

Mormon Row

The historic homesteads at Mormon Row is one of the best places to photograph Grand Teton National Park. 

Snake River Overlook

A fun fact about this overlook: it’s the spot where Ansel Adams photographed the bend of the Snake River over 70 years ago.

Cunningham Cabin

If you’re looking for a remote spot, head to Cunningham Cabin. It’s a beautiful location with the mountains jutting up in the background.

Oxbow Bend

Visitors hope to photograph the reflection of the Teton mountains in the bend of the Snake River at this location.

Jackson Lake Lodge

If you want a good place to rest, use the bathroom, and eat, then Jackson Lodge is a good place to stop during your exploration of Grand Teton National Park.

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