Outdoor Activities at Bryce Canyon National Park in July

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When visiting Bryce Canyon National Park in July, you’ll find moderate temperatures to enjoy outdoor activities. But July is a busy time at Bryce Canyon so be prepared for crowds.

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The July weather is perfect to enjoy these outdoor Bryce Canyon activities. The mornings and evenings will be cool and the daytime temperatures will be just right!


Does the Bryce Canyon Shuttle Run in July?

Yes, in July the Bryce Canyon shuttle runs every day, but it’s not mandatory to ride the shuttle to access the park.

Check out the Visitor Center when you first arrive to talk with the park ranger about the activities you plan to do.

Bryce Canyon Visitor Center

At each overlook you’ll see different views of hoodoos, arches and windows.

Bryce Canyon Scenic Drive

Hiking is the best way to explore Bryce Canyon and see the hoodoos and windows up close!

Bryce Canyon Hiking

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