Parking at Zion National Park

There are five National Parks in Utah, and Zion is the most visited.  During the busy season you'll experience long lines and limited parking.   

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Check out our article for everything you need to know about parking legally in Zion National Park and the Shuttle System operating season and hours.

- Park in designated areas   only. Do not park along   roadways. - Vehicles parked outside   of designated stalls are   subject to citation and   may be towed.

Zion Parking Regulations

- If a lot is full, do not wait for spots to open; move on and try again later. - Never park on vegetation or in a manner that blocks traffic. - Don't block the flow of traffic by waiting for a parking spot.

Zion Parking Regulations

For most of the year, the Zion National Park Shuttle is the only way to access Zion Canyon. In winter Zion Canyon will open to cars until the parking lots are full then it closes.

Zion Canyon Shuttle

Zion National Park Shuttles are free. You don't need a ticket to use the Zion Canyon or Springdale shuttle systems.

Zion Canyon Shuttle

When it's shuttle season, visitors may park in Springdale and ride the town shuttle to access the park. There is a charge for parking in Springdale.

Parking in Springdale