Plan Your Vacation to Grand Teton National Park in August

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If you’re wondering what it’s like to visit Grand Teton National Park in August, keep reading to know what services are available, what the weather will be like, and what activities you can do!

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Grand Teton is fully open in August which means all services and roads are open. The weather is really nice to enjoy all the outdoor activities you can do at this park!

Services at Grand Teton in August

Grand Teton is open 24 hours, every day of the year. In August all roads, Visitor Centers, lodges and marinas are open.

Please be a responsible wildlife observer by maintaining a safe distance of at least 100 yards from wolves and bear, and 25 yards from all other wildlife.

Look for Wildlife in August at Grand Teton

 Plan to drink considerably more at Grand Teton due to low humidity and high elevation.

Hiking in August at Grand Teton National Park

Be ready with your camera gear to capture images the landscape and wildlife as you drive along the road or hike the trails.

Grand Teton Photography in August

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